Community. Creativity. Conversation. Culture.

We create new futures for young people, one cup of coffee at a time.

Welcome to Cultivate Coffee

Cultivate Coffee is a speciality coffee shop and collaborative space in the heart of Empangeni. We serve expertly crafted coffee in a beautifully curated space, serving the community of Empangeni, one delicious cup at a time.

Why Cultivate Coffee?

We exist to uplift, empower and inspire young people to pursue their dreams through creative and practical interventions. In order to best serve the youth, we are using coffee to cultivate; Community, Creativity, Conversation & Culture. Coffee is not just a delicious commodity, but a powerful tool for developing the skills and opportunities of young people in our community. It allows us to create and cultivate new futures for our people, by shifting the way we brew and view coffee. We serve people by serving coffee.

Annual Report

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